Hi, I'm Martina.

I grew up in a village on the outskirts of Barcelona, surrounded by clayey hills. My parents were ceramists, and those early encounters with clay from a very young age were a gift to my artistic experimentation.

I lived in Peru for almost two years, which brought me closer to ancestral cultures, their art, and worldview.

After this journey, I experienced a creative hiatus, a lack of inspiration that lasted several years and made me feel incomplete. Until a year after my daughter Alma was born, I felt a very strong desire to recreate a pre-Columbian figure, and with her, all the magic began… Kumara Lab was born.

Welcome to Kumara Lab.

In ancestral languages, Kumara means the fusion of the four elements of nature.

Kumara Lab is a creative laboratory in Barcelona that works with these four elements. The mixture of Earth with Water gives rise to clay, which travels through Fire and Air from one state, raw, ductile, and malleable, to another, fired, firm, and definitive.

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